Custom domains: Turn a doc into your own branded website.

Spin up a custom webpage in minutes.
Publishing your roadmap or running a messaging experiment used to bring lots of red tape. Countless review cycles with design, marketing, and engineering meant spinning your wheels for weeks until the page finally went live—only for updates and iterations to go through the same long approval process.
So we introduced in February 2020 to let you turn any Coda doc into a sleek, shareable site for the world-wide web to see. Since then, the maker community has published thousands of docs, blowing us away with creativity.
But there was still room to grow. We heard from makers who wanted to customize their docs with their own branded domain so they could extend Coda beyond their internal teams without mitigating their brand experience.

👋 Say hello to custom domains

Now you can turn your Coda doc into a branded webpage with a custom domain in just a few clicks. Anything that was previously a doc can now be a full-blown website: your external product roadmap, public quality tracker, or even your personal product management portfolio.
Custom Domains Demo.gif

And setup is easy, too. Custom domains remove the friction from the traditional publishing experience to help you get your pages live faster. If you can create a Coda doc, you can publish to a custom domain.

Here’s how it works.

1. Build a doc.

Not sure what to build? Type /Explore templates.

2. Publish the doc.

Click Share → Publish and follow the instructions.

3. Connect a domain.

Go to Settings ⚙️ → Custom domain and read .

Get inspired.

Example URL: roadmap.[yoursite].com
Keep your customers in the loop on your product roadmap.

Example URL: quality-tracker.[yoursite].com
Give your customers a place to report bugs, right on your website.

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Want to print your doc?
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