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Welcome to our public bug tracker! We believe in building with the garage door open and that means providing transparency into what’s not working well today and showing our roadmap for fixing it.
The table below shows all of our most recently submitted issues and bugs. Here you can file a new bug.
*Note: It takes 24-48 hours for us to triage requests and be added to the bug tracker below, so don’t be alarmed if it doesn’t show up immediately.

Thank you for helping us bug bash!

Public bug tracker
Bug name
In development
Button issue on homepage.
The sign up button appears to be broken.
In development
Pop up window keeps closing.
Step two in the set up process malfunctions.
Up next
Acme integration issue.
The Acme integration keeps disconnecting.
Being triaged
Shortcuts appear broken on Mac.
‘Command + shift + m’ opens a setting in Chrome.
Add advanced search functionality.
I’d like to be able to search by date modified.

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