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How to publish a doc to your website.
You can launch your webpage to a custom domain in three easy steps.

1. Create a new doc.

Type into your web browser to create a new doc, or open the doc you’d like to publish.
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2. Add your content

Customize your Coda doc with the content you’d like to publish. You can get started quickly by typing /roadmap to insert Coda’s product roadmap template, for example. You can also use or by navigating to the page, clicking Copy doc, and adding it to the doc you started in Step 1.
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3. Publish your doc from the Insert panel.

Now the fun part! Click Insert in the top right > click Settings > click Custom domains > then Publish my doc.
To publish your doc to a custom domain, you must first publish to the Coda Gallery. Set your doc as discoverable so others can find it, and make sure it is in Play mode. After you publish, you’ll be prompted to set up your domain.
First, select where your domain is registered, click connect, then follow the instructions provided for your specific provider. You’ll need to log into your domain registrar and edit the DNS settings during this step. Once you’ve setup the connection, it will take 5-10 minutes to complete. You’ll receive an email from Coda when your page is published to your custom domain!
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What is a custom domain?

Coda now allows you to publish your Coda docs to your own domain instead of just on your maker profile. You can use Coda in conjunction with the domain registrar of your choice (GoDaddy, Namecheap, etc) to create a personal portfolio, share an interactive resume, publish a job description, stand up a quick landing page, and more.

What is the difference between a published doc and a custom domain?

Published docs are published to your maker profile on the Coda URL. Custom domains allow you to publish a Coda doc to your own domain, meaning you can have a custom URL for people to view your Coda doc.
The difference in functionality is that all docs published on a custom domain will be presented in “View” or “Play” mode. This means that users can still interact with the doc if you would like, but they will not be able to comment, edit, or react, as that functionality requires that they are logged into Coda.

What settings does my doc need to use custom domains?

Before you can access custom domains, your doc needs to be published. Be sure to make the Doc discoverable as part of this process.
This process will make sure your doc’s share settings are set so “Anyone with the link can view.” This is how Coda is able to share your published doc to your custom domain. You will see this setting in the Doc’s share settings. If you decide to change this to “No access” at any time, it means your doc will no longer be viewable via your custom domain.

How do I connect my doc to my domain?

To connect your doc to the domain you want it to be accessed with, follow these steps:
From your doc’s “Share” settings, make sure that it is set to “Anyone with the link can view.”
Navigate to the “Settings” tab from the icon in the upper right corner of your doc and select the “Publish this doc” option.
Click the blue “Publish doc” button and publish your doc, making sure that it is set to be “Discoverable.”
Under the “Add a custom domain” title, enter the domain you want your doc to connect to, such as “www.example.com.”
Select where your domain is registered, such as GoDaddy or Namecheap.
At this point, you’ll need to log in to your domain registrar and edit the DNS settings for the domain there.
Once you’ve setup the connection, it will take 5-10 minutes to initialize, depending on your DNS provider. You will receive an email from Coda when your connection has been successfully enabled or if we have trouble enabling the connection, in which case you may need to double-check your DNS configuration.

Can my doc be editable on a custom domain?

No, an editable doc requires the editor to have a Coda account and be logged in to Coda. However an editable doc will still be viewable on your custom domain.
If you want to publish an editable doc, you can set your doc to be editable in the publish settings, and your published doc will be able to be edited (via your published doc URL) and your custom domain will remain viewable.

Can I connect to a custom domain without publishing to the Gallery?

Currently, in order to use a custom domain, your doc must be published and also discoverable, meaning it can be found by search engines and also in the Coda Gallery.
We’re currently working on unpairing these two options, enabling you to set publishing to the Gallery or discoverable by search engines separately. Stay tuned!

Can I connect to a custom domain and still have no access for “anyone with the link”?

In order for Coda to connect your doc to your custom domain, the share setting for “anyone with the link” must be at least “viewable.” If at any time you change this setting to ‘No access,”you will also have no access to the doc via your custom domain.
You can always change this back to viewable at any time, and your custom domain will work again without having to reconnect it.

Want to print your doc?
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Try clicking the ⋯ next to your doc name or using a keyboard shortcut (
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